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This Riders of Icarus party system would work like this

The idea was that you COULDN'T clear this with 5 people. This dungeon is designed to be insanely challenging and difficult (you'll see what I mean when the rest of the dungeon comes up.. It turns into real hell.) and unclearable by most but only for the dedicated players who have extensively discussed and learned strategy and can communicate/coordinate well during the actual raid. 

This Riders of Icarus party system would work like this

This party system would work like this: Two raids with a total # of people that does not exceed the difficulty's maximum can form a dual raid. The raid leaders have the option of clicking on the other leader on the party board with an option that says 'Raid Alliance'. If the other leader accepts, the two raids will be treated as two raids but one as well. The names/classes of the other raid's party will appear as smaller icons next to your own members along with miniature HP bars. Either leader may then begin dungeon initiation and it will check with the other leader, if both agree the dungeon is created.


At the end of the dungeon the boss will drop 1 chest for each raid, the # of loot depends on the # of people in the raid. This is to even out the smaller raid getting more loot per person since less people with the same # of loot = more loot per person. 


Now, what about the other dungeons? Surely it's too tedious to use this function for just one thing. Well, that's why we should have more instanced raids! More than 1 instance for players to try their hands at would be repeatable content, and with careful design, it can be fun despite the fact you're doing the same thing. 


Btw, here is the dungeon sector before the boss fight ( at least what I have thus far)


>Puzzle stage. There will be a series of 3 puzzles to enter the initial dungeon. They will consist of 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 ground squares that have two glowing spots and various cracked spots. One person must connect the glowing spaces in 1 clean pathway without crossing previous spots and avoiding the cracked spots. They also cannot step off the platform or else the instance will reset. This randomizes every dungeon as well.


>Triple boss stage. After clearing the puzzle stage you will be in an open room with 4 doors, one that leads up and 3 that leads to other rooms. Each 3 of these rooms contains their own bosses with their own mechanics that will each require specific strategies. (TBD)


>Puzzle stage part 2. During this stage there will be a very tall tower ascending upwards and there will be 4 boxes per platform that ascend up. One box will bring you to the next platform while the rest will send you down to the beginning. Once the correct box is chosen, it will glow signifying it is the correct one. This repeats for 15~20 platforms until you reach the top for the next room.


>Aerial stage: During this stage you will be at a vast open expanse where you must fight a variety of dragons and underlings. Dodging will be very important as you avoid barrages that fly at you as you head to them to battle. (TBD)


>More stages TBD because I’m out of ideas for now, will edit when I come up with a few more.


We're on the same boat here and I couldn't agree more with what you say, that's why I made the other poll I have linked in my previous post. If you read my suggestion, I've already proposed that all currently existing dungeons should be upgraded to provide us with the ability to do them in LEGENDARY difficulty as a 10ppl+ raid. The function you have proposed is even more advanced and goes hand-in-hand with my own!


Legendary difficulty already exists albeit you still are capped at 5, which is pretty ridiculous once you look at KR gameplay of Riders of Icarus- you've got lv60 geared endgame players spending almost an hour/over an hour clearing a L4-5. More people with a difficulty notch up would make them more challenging and difficult to coordinate which is much better than a 5 person snoozefest. 


And please know that when I say difficulty notch-up, I DON'T mean buffing the boss' damage, HP, or defense (yes, some increases are required to scale to the increased # but making that the main focus is a no-no). I mean adding unique mechanics such as I've described in my opening post.


I think this function should be limited to the most challenging instances however. Not really a point in bringing 10 people into a TFK H5...

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