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Riders of Icarus Tips on How to Prevent

As many of you know, we've all had issues with disconnecting from the game or witnessing the cursed "Dancing Bunny", which is when you're forever stuck in the loading screen and the Rabbini in the bottom left corner mocks you by continuing to dance. This is especially annoying due to the amount of time it takes to relog back into RoI. Below are some things I have done to help myself avoid disconnecting. I began testing these after I started disconnecting every 30 minutes, and so far it has reduced my disconnects and encounters with the Dancing Bunny.

Riders of Icarus Tips on How to Prevent

A. Switching Channels


Before switching channels, dismount your familiar or unsummon your pet. Sit down (hotkey is "." or "l") and then switch channels. I learned this from my guild leader, and it has mostly been helpful. Try to collaborate with others around you and not switch channels at the same time. I've experienced more disconnects during Raid bosses such as Bismuth and Keron, when about 50+ players are switching channels within the same minute. If I wait for everyone to leave the channel before switching, I almost never experience a diconnect.


B. Screen Mode


Most of us are probably playing RoI in Full Screen, the default mode. It was very annoying for myself every time I disconnected or experienced the Dancing Bunny. I would not be able to access my desktop, and had to often restart my system in order to exit out of RoI. I expressed my annoyance one day during a TFK party after a 8th diconnect, and someone recommended to play in Windowed mode. To switch your Screen Mode, go to System > Settings > Graphics > Display Setting. You will see Screen Mode, and you can change to Windowed. Ever since I began playing in Windowed mode, I noticed my disconnects drastically decreased. You also have 24/7 access to your desktop!


C. Loading Screen


The Dancing Bunny in the bottom left corner should pause, or stop dancing, if your are successfully loading into a region or dungeon. If it continues to dance for minutes, you are STUCK in the loading screen. What many Riders do not realize is that you can hit the space bar to try and reload. This will cause the Bunny to fall and restart it's dancing. This method has helped me get out of many stuck loading screens, so I did not have to restart the game.


D. Teleporting and Using Shrines


This is where I have been unsuccessful in finding a helpful solution. As of today, before using shrines, I will sit down, unsummon any Familiars, and then use the shrine. The same goes for teleporting. I have not done this enough to see if it has helped much. I will update if it proves to be helpful. Please comment if you've found an alternative solution for this, or any of the above issues!


Thanks for reading, and let me know if the above solutions were helpful! 

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