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Riders of Icarus GUIDE Lv15

Through this dungeon, you will learn how RIders of Icarus proceeds with their dungeon designs and mechanics. Try to learn the dungeon by entering in the Normal (or 'Storyline') mode before joining higher modes. This guide will give you some tips on how to clear it.

Basic Information


Location: Harkanas Highlands > Lavalight Cave

Level Requirement: 13

Difficulties: Normal/Storyline (solo), Elite (~5 players), Heroic (~5 players)

Re-entry Times: Normal 15min, Elite 30min, Heroic 1hr

Monsters: Burning Skeleton Knights and Archers, Emberstone Sentinel

Boss Monsters: Burning Skeleton Captain, Emberstone Golem

Mobs & Quest NPC


Ruins Entrance - Mobs

The three sleeping skeleton monsters at the entrance are not linked to one another. However, they will all wake up if you get close so it is advised that you lure the middle monster first. The sleeping mobs are easily defeated. Here is an image from K-Icarus Inven that depicts this:


Path to Swiftfire River

As you go around the bend, you'll see a few skeleton archers and one Burning Skeleton Knight. Depending on the difficulty, it is advised that you wait for the knight to come around the bend and once it is close enough, lure it without drawing aggro from the archers nearby.

Evading to the left or right against Skeleton Archers.Although these archers have low defense, their attack power is high. It is possible to die from their arrow attacks if you lack defense or blocks so take care not to get hit. 


In harder difficulties, it may be difficult to take them all five at once. Slay the Burning Skeleton Soldier first then go for the Skeleton Knight.

Kill the Soldier first, Knight second, then the Archers.


Skeletons and its Captain

The two skeletons aren't linked together so you can lure one at a time to kill them. Then kill the eggs to complete your quest.


In Normal/Storyline Mode

Lure and kill one at a time.

Break the eggs (4/4) to finish the quest.


In harder difficulties

He will awaken the sleeping skeletons around him. They have low defense so kill them off quickly so you can focus the mini boss: Burning Skeleton Captain.


Quest NPC

You'll find the collapsed NPC that had given you the quest earlier. She hands you an empty bottle and asks you to bring back some water. Go further into the dungeon and you'll find a small pond(?) guarded by two suiciders. The Emberstone Sentinels will explode when you get close; kill them from a safe distance.

Suiciders that explode so kill them!


Go into the pond and collect the water (F) and hand the quest back into the NPC.


The Boss: Emberstone Golem


You've arrived at its Emberstone Lair! It is advised that you have some healing potions at hand just in case things get sticky even in Normal mode. He once knocked me into the lava that deals DoT (damage over time)!


Special Patterns


Skill: Flame Earth Cut


He will raise his arms and remains stationary as he casts his Flame Earth Cut attack. It has a fairly large AOE damage to the front. Evade to its back within 2~2.9 seconds.

The AOE area is larger than you'd think so evade appropriately!

In harder difficulties


Skill: Summon Emberstone


The Emberstone Golem will summon three suicide bombers. Kill them immediately.

You can die from the suicide bombers so kill these ASAP.


Exit and Reset


Collecting Spark Before you leave the dungeon, it is a good idea to pick up some Dancing Flames from Spark. It is used to craft a Flame Heart which can tame a Magma Hound. 

Upon the Golem's death, the Victory Shrine will spawn. Click or interact (F) with it to exit.


Dungeon Wait Time


To reset the dungeon, open the Dungeon List on (]) and hit the icon to reset the dungeon. This page is useful because it displays re-entry timers that count down live for you as well as tell you how many entries you have left for the day.

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