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Riders of Icarus - Suggestion to taming

Personally, I did not get super upset and log out when a taming failed, because someone killed the mount, more over.... the first time it happened I was severly confused because up until that point in the game....my buddy, nor I, seemed even remotely capable of attacking a mount, let alone killing one, mid tame attempt. I realized quickly certain skills were able to hit mounts while they were being tamed, knew this would be abused, and tried to avoid taming anything that needed an item during peak hours (I'd just gather a stack of those items until such time to attempt taming).


I can't be super upset because I'm logical person, I know human nature, I know what to expect...life is never a one way street. It was a little bit of my fault I lost marks and taming points attempting to tame something crawling with players, but it was also that guy's fault for running over and trying to kill a mob I was clearly trying to tame for a bit. I was killing hostile adds around it, lowered it's HP, hopped on it's back, and was on it's back for about 20-30 secs, then the guy shows up to kill it.....of course it was a jerk move, I'm not refuting that (especially since it wasn't a Heroic, it wasn't like it was going to be an hour til respawn, he just needed to wait 10-15 mins), but again...I had a feeling that there could be a possibility that might happen, I should've been patient and waited for a better opportunity to tame the mount. If I took every necessary precaution and that happened I would have been super pissed, maybe, but I would say something to the guy (if he was just like "Haha noob" I would write his name down, possibly interfere with any taming I saw him doing, pk him if I ever saw him in a pvp zone if they are released, and make him my # 1 target in guild wars/battlegrounds. I can be a very vindictive person given the situation) has that happened to me though? No, usually when I talk to someone about the situation they're reasonable. If someone steals my mount that I was lowering the hp for I'm just like, "Hey dude, now you owe me a mount....help me lower it's hp when it spawns and hold it there so I can hop on it, k? ;D" You'd be surprised how people act if you don't go and yell "RUDE RUDE RUDE" at them.


Funny thing, I actually walked by the same guy when I came back on an alt a couple hours later to tame that same mount. He failed taming the mount, died, used elluns to revive, and complained about how it took him an hour to farm for said item to tame the mount....and how he hates that he's going to have to go back and farm for that item again. When I saw that just kinda shrugged off the situation again and thought to myself "Meh, just desserts." So I mean, honestly, looking back on the situations...they were a minor annoyance and most likely if I experienced that difficulty I'm sure all the people that were actually jerks did too, to some degree.


Now to better refine what I wrote earlier:


Quest mobs should remain kill-able even mid tame. Why? Because cbt kinda proved it to be a major hassle of holding up peoples' questing by having quest bosses, that have no item requirement, that can't be attacked mid tame. You should not be able to kill any mob, aside from quest mobs, mid tame.


Taming should not be locked to whoever hit the mob first, too many disadvantages to this more than advantages.

Anyone can easily come over and try to reset the mob by doing enough dmg, or kill the mob just to spite you. 

It's not really going to guarantee you're going to tame the mob if you hit first. However, it will guarantee abuse and more griefing. 

When there are rules that cater to a casual's idea of fair (first hit rule applied) 

I've seen much more people take advantage of this rule than be good and try to abide by it in a civil manner.

(when the first hit rule started showing up in games I've seen a range of: people playing ranger tapping everything in the area once so everyone would leave the farm spot, to tanks resetting mobs that were tapped just to be a jerk, or to get back at the person tapping everything)

Instead of adding a system to prevent mount stealing with first hit, lower the chances of taming success if the person is not a) first hit b) in the party with first hit, and/or reduce taming success rates based on mob hp missing depending on how much dmg you did to X mob. (like if someone comes over and tries to tame a mount with 80% of it's hp missing without helping whatsoever, their chances of taming the mob are lowered by 70%. If 2 people were there and the mob's hp was reduced about 50/50 by both of them and they both go for the tame...they have an equal success rate) The taming success disparity should be more based on participation than first hit, and if someone wants to play RNG lotto with their marks attempting to steal someone else's hard work...well they should have that opportunity but face a heavy penalty. I wouldn't feel as upset over the steal if I got to watch them completely fail at taming, especially if it's more than once...a big grin would just come across my face.

With these rules: 1. People will think twice before hopping on a mob that requires marks if you've lowered it's hp (because success rate would be considerably low), 2. Guilds would not be able to "hold" mobs for indefinite amounts of time (people can reset, people can help lower boss hp to have a higher success rate of taming, people can no longer kill the heroic mount mid tame to keep you from taming it, people can kill the mount the guild is holding there in spite of them)


At the very least if none of these rules are implemented, 

you should not lose items or taming points if you were taming a mob that was killed while you were taming it, and mount stealing/killing should be reportable as griefing depending on the situation. (however there is already a thread suggesting mount killing/stealing be a reportable offense & may already be one under certain Nexon ToS guidelines)


Even though this should be implemented with the no kill mid tame rule, because you could just get a friend to kill the mob if your tame isn't going well (to keep items and what not), this would help alleviate a lot of peoples' issues with the current taming mechanic. 

(they'd mostly just be pissed they wasted time, like I was with trying to tame anything that didn't require an item)


Everyone should take precautions, if you don't you are a little bit at fault for what may happen to you. 

Is it all your fault? No. Is it majorly your fault? No, but you are somewhat responsible for your situation.

Being vindictive is fun, but should be used as a last resort...talk to the person that stole your mount, 

give them a chance to be a good person and have them help you out with the respawn.

Taming should not be locked to first hit (because it can cause more problems rather than help the situation). 

Taming success should be based on, not just RNG & other factors but also, participation to dissuade from mount stealing.

Mounts, except for quest bosses, should not be kill-able mid tame.

At the very least mount stealing/killing should be a reportable/bannable offense depending on the situation, 

and you should not lose items or taming points if you were taming a mob and it was killed mid tame.

Ofc this is just my opinion from my experience, I fully expect there to be some flaws in my logic.

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