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Nexon added the Riders of Icarus EU-server

One of the the main reasons why I haven't bought one of the founder's packs yet is the lack of info on the current server-situation. Are there any EU-servers and if so, is the data-center located in europe?


Been trying to find information about it and either i'm blind or Nexon is just avoiding to giving us a proper answer to increase their founder's packs sales. They should know by now if there will be one or not.


Is there an official statement about it? The only thing I can find is from a CM who just says that he/she does not know yet and will tell us when they know.


Hosting a server from another region costs more money and some companies just create a server called "EU" while the data-center is still located in NA (meaning that all of the EU-players will be playing with a higher latency than we are used to it).


Tree of Savior did the same , they told us that they are eventually adding EU-servers and ppl preordered founder's packs and in the end we never got any EU-servers. If I weren't so naive I would never had bought that game in the first place.


If I dont get a proper answer from Nexon till tommorow I will spread the news about no EU-server to the rest of the different gaming/mmorpg communities so that people can refund before the headstart. Don't you think it's odd that no one from Nexon have done a post about all the vital FAQ from the forums? 


I know about the EU-server during CBT 2/3 (they added the EU-server to learn about the size of it's playerbase, to decide if it's profitable enough to run one).


Threats? Do you rather have hundreds of negative reviews (and refunds if it's possible) the first days on Steam instead? You do realise how damagening negative reviews on Steam are right? People avoid games with negative reviews like the plague. People still avoid giving ArcheAge a shot because of the p2win staple the game got.

Tree of Savior promised us EU-servers too and it's been months since release and we still play on data-centers located in NA. They tricked the playerbase and Steam does not offer refunds on their founder's packs.


But sure, keep on fanboying a company who's been avoiding the questions of the community for weeks now. We still have no information about the cash-shop or the server-state and the headstart starts in less than 2 days. Watch the game crash and burn instead. I am not spending money on a company who can't give us answers about simple questions. 


FYI I have followed Icarus Online since 2011 and the lack of information about the servers, the cash-shop and the frequent frame-rate drops in CBT (while running the game on a decent rig) are pretty concerning to me. It's not fair to expect us customers to pay 90 euros/USD and at the same time avoid our concerns.


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