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Discussion: Riders of Icarus Trading

1) About crafting system:

The current craft system is basic stuff, and I've got a feeling that the higher the grade will go the more it will stabalize. For a fact:

Currently tier 1to 2 armor and weapon crafts need the item of a tier lower ( which can in turn be found as drop in dungeons)

So lets assume that with higher dungeons the drop rates of items will get lower and lower to a point when it would be faster or easier to craft an item along the whole chain than to hope to get one as drop. Its a more or less typical thing for this sort of MMO.

Add up to this the fact that its hard to get the best stats for your class as for now, meaning that if the first part is true then later on theese "junk" items wont be simply sold to vendors but rather recrafted in hopes of getting better stat on a higher level tier. 

This way the system would need huge amounts of resourses for lowest tier item recrafting. 

We have only but a small portion of the full content, so things in this regard may be fair as they are in the long run.


2) Auction house restrictions.


Just my personal oppinion on this matter but still.


I think the restrictions are made for 2 reasons:

First is to limit the amount of "thrash items" being sold

Second may be a technical solution on how the whole system is built. Lets assume that That every item put out on sale has an ID for it with a lot of data ( owner prise time and all the items data of stats and so on)

So every time you open the auction house the server send you the whole list of ID of ALL the items put on sale (or at the very least looks all of them one by one)

Then arranges them by your search criteria and shos you. The need to limit the amount of slots ( and with the huge variety of stats and different items potentially it may be one hell of a list) comes from the possibility that with a huge list of unlimited slots the search time over the list may become really long taking a lot of server calculating resourses ( dont forget youre not the only one sending such requests but a good number of players every second and with different criteria)

The problems that may occur are from local lag spikes or whole server instability to 1minor more search times situations. Its one of those things that a mass varitety of possible items generated randomly brings along.


In this case all we can do is just bare with it as is, how ever sad it may be.


Id have a proposal that may prove to solve the matter a bit in the long run, but would need a hell lot of work with statistics and a risk to implement such a thing:


Give an option to search the armor and weapon sections by precise stats, like:

"Class" (all/universal) (class specific)

"Rarity" ( normal-Heroic (legendary?)) (normal - Very High)

"Item type" (main weapon)(head)(gloves) (body) so on

"1st stat" (a list of available stat for the piece"

"2nd stat"

"3rd Stat"


It would easen the search of desired items lowering the need to look through all there is. And as a result would give a statistic resume of the needed items allowing the system to make warning that an item isn't searched for very often, when you try to put on sale. Having such a system allows to add priority ques to search parameters dividing and lowering the time needed for the server to get the requests done with. 

From the back side of the medal: having a statistic of item being searched for the most, and giving that info to the players, allows to decrease the amount of junk put on sale and better orrient in the current prises of stuff (automatically lowering the amount of junk out there, as people want to save their trade slots)

Having such a system is a bit more convinient and simplier to use rather than typing the exsact name of the item with case sensetivity as it is, and with hirher levels of gear allows to put gear lvl search criteria.


As there always are items that only few ppl want, and knowing that writing a "want to buy" option for an auction house in game is a real pain, although it seems easy at first... A well moderated forum section for want to buy may prove a solution.


3) The bound items.

Making it short the game has "unbinding scrolls" its just that the current content nearly has no drop rate for those. The why craft if dropped part... Well i tried to answer that a bit above. IF the later on content has lower drop rates the current system may live ( as an exsample of PoE (sorry for other title mentioning) IDscrolls and TP scroll tend to drop a lot, and are easy to get, but you still tend to "go farm" them at later game stages, just cause theres never enough of them)


4) The familiar slots

This part is a whole different story, and I'll put the dungeons CD also here. The main point to get is that it isnt that you MUST buy, but you may use. OR go do something else in the game. This idea in general has 4 goals in one: 

a) It allows to get some money from the impatient "I want all asap" ppl. Sadly thath the only reason people see or are to greedy and near sighted to look wider.

b) this system keeps you willing to repeat an event ( lets say a dungeon) if you may do what ever you want and when you want, it becomes boring really hast, thats how human brain works. The need to wait adds a bit of tension and desire despite the fact you start to rage from the need to wait ( just sit back and analyze it a bit)

c) While you wait you may either go make some tea, or go explore the game world. Having restrictions on taming, dungeons and other activities is a way to make sure the player doesn't get bored to death from one action and tries other activities. And again limiting the ability to do as you wish, increases the pleasure when you finaly get to do it.

d) Instances are limited by time you need to complete them all, pet slot on how many pets you can own but the end point is the same: the system forces you to make a decision. making a decision on which pet to keep makes you treasure the ones left more, choosind a dungeon to complete and the fact that you had make a choice add some value to the whole run even if you fail.


Despite the system being seemingly unfair and a simple money grabber, it has more stuff in it, and without it the game as a whole wouldn't hold anyone more than a few weeks. Chalanges and the need to make a choice, gaining new good and bad experience is what makes games intresting. As soon as every thing is easy it becomes boring. (Take some time and think WHY Tic Tac Toe is so boring for you now but was so fun once)


PS talking about PoE is a bit off topic in regards that PoE wasn't made as commercial game to begin with, they have really good sponsors that never wanted to charge anything to begin with. And with their game built season based, all that there is in game is enough to play. Any non cosmetic stuff is simply meaningless or even the smallest bit would ruin all the balance there is in the game, it aint all that simple.


And toremind: its my oppinoin on the topic nothing more. And yeah sorry for the "Great Wall Of Text"


You really should get to know one huge thing. Its an eastern game made solely for that region in the first place. 


What it means is that you need to consider their liking and preferences to games. The people there really prefer p2w ( pay to win) games. meaning they really want to spend money and a lot of content to be only for those who pay. As far as a localization ( and our is the case) I really think Nexon are in a few ways restricted by the devs from the far end on what they can and cannot take money for or make free. Making a localization is basicaly like a rent. You can get money from it, but yet again you have to pay a solid part of the income to the devs of the game, and obey their wishes. But that's going a bit off topic.


About poor game design. Well it isn't a AAA title to begin with. It wasn't developed by a huge corp like NCfost or alike. It was originally one of those short living games made "in a basement for food as pay" as id say. So the design and some flaws are from there and the region the game came from.


And there is this thing that is a rare for games. You actually can get those Elluns in game for daily quests and achivements. So setting the priority on slot in AH or familiar slots in the long run isnt that limited, just that you cant get everything for free. 


About player limitations.... I do get you, but in a way it's funny. No offense just that any game has its rules, and in majority if cases rules are - player limitations.


Dungeons. Just reminding the content we have is just a cut off part of the whole game that was polished already. And it isnt even the version and/or amount of content that was released originally when the game was launched in Korea. Id still wait for the 35 lvl patch and give it a week or two to get a better feel of how things are at the middle lvl's before pointing out problems with content or rates of any sort. (end game content is lvl60) 

And while it comes to this topic. There are games that have instance limitations of once per day, or the reward can be obtained only once in that time and those are popular games Im talking about like L2.


But yeah I cant argue that the AH is a total mess in terms of design as it is.

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