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A Few Questions about Riders of Icarus

I've got a few question regarding this matter, would really appreciate if anyone could answer them.


1. So this game is available for both US & EU? because as i remembered, EU was blocked out from the US version of nexon games.


2. I'ts been said that you're able to collect all the mounts ingame, so my question is, what about the exclusive mounts that you obtain only through the Founder's Pack?

Assuming If your end game goal was to collect them all, would these exclusive ones be permanently missing if you didn't choose to purchase a founder pack?


3. Will there be a release of a european version?


4. Are all the achievements available? (would you be able to 100% the total progress bar)


2. Are the exclusive mounts included in the collection window as gray if you don't purchase? or are they excluded from there? (not shown)

4. No i meant achievements in the game

This was taken from a video, so i can't check for myself, but i can see there's a Familiar section, are those mounts?

Basically what i meant was that if the exclusive mounts are connected to achievements such as Collect them all sort of thing , then you'll be screwed before even starting the game if your intend to complete all achievements one day, meaning 100% in the Total Progress bar.

If you don't purchase the Founder's Pack (Legendary)


It'd be a permanent stop at 97% thanks to the idea that you'll be forced to purchase it, but i could be wrong?

That's why im asking if there is such achievement?


Can anyone confirm this as soon as possible?

Appreciate it alot!

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